Designers Jill Johnson and Suzanne Ascher

Jill and Suzanne have collaborated their eclectic design styles to create Waterleaf.  Jill, a former clothing designer, worked twelve years before transitioning into interior design. Her background in fabrics and print design can be seen in her ability to combine unexpected patterns, colors, and period pieces into the home. Suzanne worked for several years at Ralph Lauren which reflects her classic east coast style, and her unwavering wish to create not only longevity, but also versatility with each choice she makes for the home.

After moving to California in 1994 Suzanne and Jill began working together on several projects. With a strong and close friendship for over a decade, a love of design, and boundless energy, Waterleaf opened its doors in July of 2006. Since then, they have completed projects ranging from beach cottages along the California coast to a penthouse in Singapore. Whether the project is one room or an entire home from the ground up, their hands-on approach assures that all endeavors are seamlessly executed, and the wishes and goals of each client are met.

Their style could be described as clean, timeless and classic with a hint of the unexpected, which is also reflected in their store. Located in the heart of Manhattan Beach, Waterleaf blends a unique mix of vintage pieces, designer bedding along with a modern coastal mix of furniture, art and unique accessories.

Waterleaf Interiors Design Team